17 April 2010

kesamaan wajah haziq dan hazeera

hello hello hello sayang..
hai greeting from mrs adam
today i would like to write about the same of my son and daughther face
lets look at their faces

~muhammad haziq~

~nurul hazeera~

so how?
are their face same?
yes!it is like same!exacly!
this is the opinion some people whos around me after look face-to-face at my children face:
-their face are like same
-hazeera's nose is more prominent like mamak
-haziq's nose quit big like me
-haziq's skin colour is fairer than hazeera
-basicly they are same except their gender!hehe
so what you people out there think about my cute children
come and leave a comment
im happy hearing comment from you guys
till then

small notes:sometime me myself confuse which one is haziq or hazeera when look at their newborn pictures!

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