09 March 2010

haziq and hazeera's activities

haziq:cute,notti,active,learning to talk(bile nk pandai ckp ni)

daily activities:
*wake up from sleep and crying..huh,
*drink milk...
*breakfast(depend on mum's mood,whether bread,koko crunch,honey star,lempeng,cenkodok,poridge etc)
*on and off radio and television while listen to nursery rhymes song(fav song-baa baa black sheep,cari jodoh wali band)
*climb table and chair
*explore shoes rack..OMG
*take bath,and run to avoid mum put on drypers
*kiss his little sisters-cute baby
*oh stop writing or this entry will be soooooooo long

hazeera:cute,polite,innocent,sleep in auto swing-baby flower,dont want cow milk

daily activities:
#wake up with happy face..so cute..marvellous!!muah..muah
#sleeping again
#BF again
#take bath
#moving around toto
#emm..so easy take care of this cute baby..tq baby

~HaziQ aNd HazEEra~

mAma & PApa love ouls soo damn much

nota kecil:best jugak jadi hot mama kepada dua-org-anak ni
p/s:papa pas ni xnak masak bayam lagie


from hot mama with luv

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